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If the clutter has got unmanageable, if you're impulse shopping with debt creeping up, you want to go zero waste or simply want to live is a calm space, Tara's accredited team are now available for home consultations. 

Tailored to your home and needs, Tara offers a range of services to live a life less throwaway. 

We provide three types of service...

Our Process

1) We book in a free and confidential 15 minute consultation call where we will discuss what you would like to get out of the home session. 

2) If you decide to go ahead we'll come to your home at a time convenient to you. We recommend a minimum of 90 minutes for a first session to see if the process will be useful for you. We throw half an hour in for free. 

3) Once it's clear what the scope of the project is you can then choose to pay hourly or bulk buy 10, 20 or 40 hour package. We reccomend using your hours in chunks of no less than three. 

4) We guarantee that you'll love the end result. 

Case Studies

1) Bedroom in Kew

Before: Our lovely client was cramped and cluttered with unpacked boxes and years of knick-nacks which made her bedroom a chore to be in. 

After: 10 bags of donations and recycling later, this corner of her home was a haven. Everything had it's place and cleaning would now be a doddle. 

" That was SO good. I can't tell you what an amazing
impact this will have on our wellbeing" 

Mrs B. 

2) Kitchen Cupboard in Putney

Before: Our client was stressed and overwhelmed by the amount of things that had built up in her main kitchen cupboard. We took everything out and started again using the techniques of mindful curation. 

After: 2.5 hours later, and the cupboard was unrecognisable. It was now a useful storage space with everything immediately to hand and organised according to how often our client used it. As you can see, she was a happy bunny. 

3) A wardrobe in Clapham


Before: Our client had that sinking feeling of a full cupboard with nothing to wear. Finding faves was a chore. 

before clothes cupboard.jpg

After: The unworn and unloved were given away and the rest organised into a system where everything has its place. 

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