With the whole world trying to convince us to spend our way to happiness, we’ve been left cluttered, stressed, unfulfilled... and looking around hopefully for a planet-b!


Who wants a throwaway life?  

Tara Button, founder of BuyMeOnce, is at the forefront of the global movement to change the way we shop and live forever, championing the longest-lasting and most sustainable products on Earth.

In 2013 Tara went from depressed spendthrift to fulfilled entrepreneur, using a technique she calls ‘mindful curation’. In this book, she teaches the steps to master this lifestyle change. On this journey you’ll:

·      Detect the tricks that get us overspending and how to dodge them.

·      Discover why they really don’t make stuff like they used to and what can be done about it.  

·      De-clutter your home and find the products that will serve you best for life.

·      Jump off the trend treadmill and build a home and wardrobe to your true taste.

·      Dig deep into your purpose and priorities to live a more fulfilled life.

·      Rediscover the art of keeping and caring for things.

·      Find happiness, success and self-worth, beyond buying.

Now more than ever we need brave solutions to navigate life as a “consumer”.

In this book, at last we have a guide.


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